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The difference between liquid extrusion and gravity casting of aluminum alloys

2023-06-27 13:37:00

Cast iron flat plate, also known as cast iron platform, is a flat reference measuring tool used for workpiece inspection or marking. It is an essential basic equipment in industries such as machine tools, mechanical manufacturing, and electronic production, among which heavy industry is the most commonly used. Cast iron flat plates are generally used for various inspection work, such as reference planes for precision measurement, inspection and measurement of various machine tools and machinery, checking the dimensional accuracy and positional deviation of parts, and making precision lines. Cast iron flat plates are also essential basic tools in mechanical manufacturing. Botou Hengxun Machine Tool Casting Measuring Tool Co., Ltd. is located in Botou City, south of Tianjin. It is a professional company producing tools and measuring tools. Our company mainly produces various types of adjustment, marking plates, shockproof machine tool pads, jacks, and can also customize various models of machine tool pads according to customer needs. The measuring tool series includes a flat ruler, square box, true angle ruler, curved plate, V-shaped frame (iron), deflection inspection instrument, and "00" grade rock (marble) flat plate, measuring tool measuring instrument, etc.

The technical requirements for the design of aluminum alloy gravity casting are generally designed in accordance with the Mechanical Industry Standard of the China JB/T 7974-2000. The precision of the flat plate manufactured in accordance with the ********** GB4986-85 standard is grade 00, 0, 1, 2, 3, and precision planing. The flat plate is made of ribbed plate and box type, and the working surface is rectangular, square or round. The working surface adopts scraping technology, and can process V-shaped, T-shaped, U-shaped grooves, round holes, long holes, etc. on the working surface. Liquid extrusion of aluminum alloy.

The flatness of the cast iron flat working surface refers to the distance between two parallel planes of aluminum alloy hydraulic extrusion containing the actual working surface of the flat plate, and the distance is relatively small. Its value can be obtained through "base plane transformation" according to the verification results of the diagonal method and the loop method. The flatness of a flat working surface is the main accuracy indicator for measuring the quality of a flat plate. The accuracy level of the flat working surface is determined based on the allowable tolerance value of the flatness of the flat working surface, so attention is paid to the verification of the flatness of the flat working surface. The accuracy of flat plate flatness verification is a guarantee of the quality of flat plate use. Material: Made of high-strength cast iron HT200-HT300, with a working surface hardness of HB170-240.