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What are the structural and performance advantages of aluminum alloy gravity casting process

2023-06-27 11:58:05

Aluminum alloy gravity casting in the process of work varies with the complexity of its casting shape, and the casting molds of its products are also different. Even for the same part, different casting processes are used, and the mold form is often different. However, aluminum alloy gravity casting molds still have their commonalities.

The appropriate casting process must be selected during the operation of aluminum alloy gravity casting, and the quality of its casting process directly affects the quality of the casting and the yield of the process. Some mold manufacturers in China have begun to use solidification simulation to carry out casting process aided design. Through computer simulation of mold filling and solidification process, they found and overcome the casting parts of heat bonded aluminum alloy that are prone to Casting defect, which is very important and effective to improve the reliability of casting process design and effectively prevent unnecessary rework of molds during debugging.

Structure and performance advantages of aluminum alloy gravity casting process

The mold should have good heat capacity. A thicker mold base and module that meet the requirements not only effectively guarantees the lifespan of the mold, but also plays a very important role in regulating the temperature field during the continuous working process of the mold. The mold should have a more reliable cooling system and extraction system. By cooling, not only can labor productivity be effectively improved, but also the temperature field of castings can be adjusted, the cooling rate of castings can be controlled, and the internal microstructure and grain size of castings can be affected, achieving the goal of effectively controlling the mechanical aluminum alloy casting energy of castings.

As the name suggests, air extraction is the process of artificially discharging gas from the inside of the mold cavity to the outside of the mold cavity to reduce the possibility of porosity defects in the casting. At the same time, the installation of exhaust plugs can also adjust the mold temperature in local small areas, which plays an important role in preventing and overcoming aluminum alloy cracking and shrinkage.

It is necessary to have a mold positioning device that matches the casting machine and a convenient mold installation system. The positioning device is not only a key to ensuring the size of the casting and reducing burrs and seams, but also a key to ensuring the normal operation of the casting machine. It can be said that there is no good positioning device for the mold, and there is no good qualified casting.


The composite die-casting aluminum alloy radiator has the following advantages in structure and performance:

1. Corrosion resistance, high pressure resistance, durability, suitable for heating systems with different water qualities.

2. Simplified the composite process of heat transfer resistance and expansion tube, and improved the overall heat dissipation performance of the heating system.

3. Excellent thermal performance and high metal thermal strength.

4. It avoids the heat dissipation airflow from fuming the wall, and has good heat dissipation efficiency.

5. Free assembly, flexible assembly, and convenient installation.

6. The surface of the radiator is free of harmful substances and will not cause harm to the environment and human health.

7. Simple, beautiful, and generous, able to coexist and coexist harmoniously with die-casting, ensuring reliable die-casting